Action Roadways delivers loo roll free of charge to food banks for wholesaler Migro

TPN Member Action Roadways is delivering 10,000 toilet rolls, free of charge, to food banks around the Belvedere, Kent region on behalf of its customer Migro.

Migro is the first Italian ‘cash-and-carry’ outlet in the UK, designed for trade and wholesale customers. Founder and CEO of Migro’s parent company Ilario Amato received the ten pallets of toilet paper from suppliers in Italy, and immediately suggested donating them to food share sites for the vulnerable.

The initial consignment  is 10 pallets, with each pallet containing 1,000 toilet rolls.

“Illato asked us if we could help by donating the necessary transport, and we were glad to,” says Steve Thompson, MD. “It’s really important that we all contribute what we can to make sure everyone is cared for at the moment.”

Thompson says he is very proud of his team, which has continued to operate as key workers, delivering pallets from other TPN Members into St Thomas Hospital, Guy’s Hospital the London Ambulance Service and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich, as well as to shops, businesses and residences across the region.