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Ask any of our members and they’ll tell you that The Pallet Network is the best pallet network in the business. And they’ll mean it. This is why.

  • Biggest network by Member volume. We put through almost four million pallets in 2016. In 2017 we are handling circa 80,000 pallets a week. And ALL that volume is from Member customers. We run no central accounts and do not compete with our Members in any way. We believe there is one other network which offers greater volume, but only because of its Hub-based accounts.
  • Sector-leading Hub facilities. We have the best central Hub in the business, fit-for-purpose, carefully designed and with parking and loading space for 200 vehicles. 36 trailers load or unload simultaneously. Come and see the night operation in Minworth – the premises is designed for fast, safe service with no queuing.
  • Small delivery areas. We have sufficient volume that we don’t need to over-stretch Members. While other networks have scrabbled to maintain enough good Members to cover all postcodes, we have been adding Members simply to shrink delivery areas. We now have 121 depot locations. This makes our Members’ operations more efficient and more profitable.
  • Excellent, affordable IT. Our IT systems are second to none, and the EPOD system we brought in December 2014 is award-winning. But more importantly for Members, we make sure it’s affordable. Our job is to make you profitable, not to spend your cash freely. TPN Connect allows your customers to input jobs directly, and follows that consignment right through to delivery and invoice. We’re going to make it better still but always in a cost-effective manner. We look after your business and your wallet.
  • Smart, sustainable business ethos. We encourage Members to make sensible decisions which are driven by profitability and efficiency, not volume. That’s why, unlike many networks, we’ve never had any minimum input fees. Incentivising hauliers to buy business or run inefficient loads is not in your interests, nor in that of UK haulage.
  • Regional expansion. Our Northern Hub improves service times and cuts mileage for Northern members, and has been a cost-effective, well-placed investment.
  • You talk, we listen. The Hub team takes the view that TPN’s prosperity comes from ensuring our Members’ prosperity. Our Members talk and we listen. Our Network Services Team is designed to offer help and support to all Members.
  • Our Hubs and Members work as a team. This may seem like a cliché but check our twitter feed, our newsletter or the comments from Members on this document. TPN is a network in the truest possible sense. We work together, to agreed high standards and look after one another’s customers as our own. That’s something you can’t fake and you can’t buy; it’s cultural.
  • TPN Ireland. We’re the only network with a dedicated Irish counterpart, 23 Members strong. We also have Members who specialise in European distribution and freight forwarding for those international deliveries.
  • TPN Plus. We have continued to innovate in terms of the commercial advantages being in a network can offer you. TPN Plus allows Members to work in partnership with full and half loads, groupage, and other services for which they may want a third-party delivery or collection. We have our own freight exchange, which gives members the guarantee of prompt payment and the quality assurance of working with members they already know and trust. TPN Plus can offer special supplier deals and collective purchasing schemes.
  • We deliver pallets. Not lip service. There’s a lot of boasting and squawking in the pallet sector and for years TPN kept silent, to the point where we realised people didn’t know how remarkable our network is. But the truth is: we just do the job, and we do it really well. We hit top service KPIs, we expect and demonstrate excellence and we make customers very happy. We have really low levels of loss or damage, and Members go out of their way to help one another win, retain and impress customers.
  • TPN inspires loyalty. Approximately 60% of our Members have been with us for over 10 years. Our Members don’t stay because of contractual obligations. They stay because they want to, because TPN makes them money, pleases their customers and is a great network to be involved with.

TPN: We tell you it straight, we do what we say – and we do the job. We are THE Pallet Network.

Contact Ian Large, Kevin Vaughan, or anyone in our network development team, on 0121 313 4031 or email