About TPN – The Pallet Network

TPN – The Pallet Network – offers excellent palletised freight distribution around the UK and Ireland, and a superb international service.

By working together, our regional haulier Members can offer a more cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and operationally efficient service to their customers. It means they can offer a well-priced, overnight service anywhere in the UK.

How does TPN work?

TPN Members comprise more than 100 of the best independent transport companies with over 127 depot locations across the UK. Each of them collect and deliver palletised freight within their own postcode area.

TPN Members collect pallets from their customers, and then consolidate and trunk that palletised freight to the Hub facility at Minworth. The freight is unloaded at the Hub and placed into numbered bays representing specific postcode areas within the UK, Ireland and Europe.

All the palletised freight we collect is labelled and scanned, which means our customers have full tracking capabilities. Our electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system is award-winning and our IT system is sector-leading.

TPN and its Members put great emphasis on clear communication, which can take many forms – text messages, notes through our IT system, emails or a phone call.

After sortation at the Hub all pallets are loaded onto trunk vehicles destined for their specific postcodes and the vehicles return to the Members’ depots. On arrival at the depot, the freight is unloaded, checked and scanned again before being loaded onto vehicles and dispatched for delivery.

Our Regional Hubs

TPN has two regional Hubs. Our Northern Hub, located near Preston, handles palletised freight which both originate in and are destined for Northern postcodes. This cuts mileage and service times, as well as improving the pallets’ carbon footprint. It sorted and delivered almost 300,000 pallets in 2017, making it the busiest regional Hub in the sector.

Our second regional Hub is in Northampton, and it has a pallet capacity of 8,000 per night.

The regional Hubs enhance both the cost-effective and environmentally friendly nature of the network as a delivery model. They do this by literally cutting miles from each pallet’s journey, meaning less fuel, fewer emissions, less congestion and road wear and, of course, less cost. We estimate that our Northern Hub takes approximately 200 miles off the journey for each pallet, or saved over one million miles in 2017, assuming each pallet was carried in a fully-laden double deck trailer.


Unusual or bulky freight which doesn’t fit the standard pallet network profile is often treated as the unwanted guest.  Most pallet networks lack expertise for unusual freight and do not prioritise its service. TPN has changed this with TPN XL – a dedicated, capacity-managed service for unusual or bulky palletised freight distribution.

Innovatively, we have developed a new system for your bulky palletised freight. Standard palletised freight is handled at night. And, during the day, the Minworth Hub is now used to give unusual freight the time, care and expertise it requires and deliver it within pre-arranged windows.

This is a fundamental innovation in the pallet network model and offers a much better service to customers and a more sustainable, sensible way of doing business for transport companies. TPN XL – the smarter way to handle unusual freight. Download our XL brochure here.


TPN XPort is our superb international service to 27 countries across Europe and Scandinavia. In partnership with logistics giant GEFCO, we offer the same excellence, reliability and professionalism to our international freight as we do our domestic pallets, with guaranteed transit times and regular services to all major business centres. Ask your local Member about TPN XPort now.

TPN. We are THE Pallet Network
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