WT Transport is Business Development star of 2017 with 900% pallet volume growth

Northampton-based WT Transport took TPN’s prestigious Business Development Award at the 2017 annual ceremony, in recognition of its remarkable business growth.

WT Transport has seen its pallet volumes grow by 900% in 28 months. Business development manager Elaine Neal says: “When we joined TPN in January 2015 we were processing approximately 280 pallets per month. Now we are regularly hitting approx. 2,800 pallets per month.”

WT joined TPN hoping it help the business to diversify into new industry sectors.

“The MD Warren Tattersall made a substantial investment, including employing me as an experienced business development manager at the start of 2016. This drive from the top combined with the hard work and dedication of our customer services team, warehouse staff  and delivery drivers has created this success,” says Neal.

She says the award has helped to cement the TPN division as a respected part of the overall business which was previously known for its dedicated logistics solutions. With a 45-strong fleet and substantial warehousing and storage facilities, Neal says that the company’s long standing expertise in container handling, dedicated transport and same day delivery is still thriving. However, now palletized distribution is another key offering to customers.

In addition to this award, WT Transport passed its TPN Certificate of Excellence which ISO 9001 accredited, and FORS Bronze accreditation this year.